Transform Your Vehicle into a Roving WiFi Hotspot

Designed just for the vehicle, Mobile WiFi connected by Autonet Mobile lets you access the Internet at blazing speeds from your iPad, laptop, or any WiFi-enabled device. For road-tripping families craving better in-car entertainment like Facebook, Pandora, or YouTube, and mobile professionals required to get working from the road, Mobile WiFi connected by Autonet Mobile is the answer.

Mobile WiFi connected by Autonet Mobile solves the problem of connecting vehicles in motion with reliable content delivery and app services. Seamless and reliable Trusted Reliable User (TRU) Technology leverages 3G networks as your vehicle moves between 3G towers and low/high speed networks to automatically and transparently manage and maintain customer connectivity from end to end.

Available on the following 2015 models: Silverado, Suburban, Traverse, Sierra, Yukon, Acadia, Enclave and Escalade

Carkey app

From your Smartphone you can fire up the engine and get the air conditioner pumping or pop the trunk for your kid all from your bleacher seat. Use the car locator for a birds eye view of your vehicle on a map. Locked your keys in the car again? No problem. Autonet Mobile unlocks your doors too!

    • Remote Start/Stop your car 
    • Lock/Unlock your doors
    • Panic Button
    • Find your car on a map
    • Open your trunk
  • Speed tracker
  • Parental controls
  • Curfew alerts
  • Car health report 
    • Tire pressure
    • Oil life
    • Maintenance schedules
  • Car alarm
  • Valet mode
  • Remote commands 

Parental controls

  • Block driver's phone usage while driving except 911 calls
  • Receive departure & arrival notifications
  • Designate acceptable & off-limits driving zones
  • Track the driver's speed
  • Set a curfew 

Fleet management

  • Track the location of equipment and monitor stop locat ion and time.
  • Identify drivers, jobs, assets.
  • Reroute the nearest driver to respond to customer pick- up requests.
  • Provide mobile timecard functionality.
  • Receive alerts when a resource enters or leaves an area.
  • Play back a history of where resources have been.
  • Set alerts for preventative maintenance and speeding conditions