Backup Cameras

At Automotive Expressions we have many different options for backup camera’s. Below we have a few examples. With most applications we can connect the camera to a rear view mirror with a built in monitor. For other vehicles we can integrate the camera into the factory radio or navigation screen. Call us to see what is possible for your vehicle. 

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SmartView™ Full 360° Camera System

The SmartView™ camera system comes with 4 cameras, each for one side of the vehicle. View the cameras within your dash, even at night with the camera's superior night vision. All four video inputs merge into one video output signal where you can view cameras in single, dual, triple, or quad mode. Easy installation and convenient operation.    


Road Safety You need all the help you can get to stay safe on today's roads, and Roadwire is here to help, with factory-integrated rear view and side view camera systems. Our back up camera systems allow for simple viewing of a 150 degree area behind your vehicle, without the need of programming, costly electronic modules, or add-on monitors. The camera integrates directly with your vehicle's factory radio screen and automatically turns on when the vehicle is placed in reverse. Smart View is the latest addition to the Roadwire road safety product line. Dual side-mounted cameras are activated by your turn signals, giving you a clear view to the side of your car directly onto your dash video screen. Drive safe. We'll help.

Visualogic Back-Up Camera Mirrors

3.5-Inch Mirror Monitor

This OEM-grade mirror replaces the factory mirror in most cars and trucks, giving the user a crystal-clear video image of the area behind the vehicle while backing up. This product features a sharp 3.5-inch TFT color monitor; plus it includes an extra switchable video input for use with a second camera.


  • 3.5" Digital LCD Monitor 
  • UltraHigh-Brightness Screem 
  • 2 Video-Inputs Auto-Trigger for reverse 
  • Easy Install 
  • Universal Mount Included 
  • Mirror Measures 10-1/4 inch 

GPS Rear View Mirror

The RoadTrip ™ RT-043A is a 4.3” rear view mirror with built in GPS Navigation and Hands-free Bluetooth. The full touch screen support makes navigating the menu a breeze. The RT-043A also features dual video inputs as well as a backup camera inputs (camera sold separately).


  • 4.3” Touch Screen 
  • GPS Navigation 
  • Bluetooth 
  • Integrated Microphone and Speaker 
  • Built-in FM Modulator 
  • Backup Camera Input (camera sold separately) 
  • Dual Video Inputs 
  • Full Size SD Card Reader 
  • 2GB Internal Flash Memory 
  • Real Glass Mirror Fits Most Popular Vehicles (separate bracket may be required, not included)